Premium Land:

We either own or have access to discounted land . This land has been assessed by us to ensure it is ready to build on & won’ t end up costing thousands in extra site costs. It is also either already, or soon to be, Titled & ready to build on.

No red tape:

We do everything for you – organise the best loan, manage the conveyancing, supervise the builder, manage the development applications, liase with the council etc so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Create ATO-approved Depreciation Schedules:

Our houses are designed to get you the most deductions legally available – and we take care of all the paperwork.

Organize Tax Variations:

Your weekly tax bill can be minimized (if not eliminated altogether!) by purchasing the right investment property. We organise these for you so that you receive your tax deductions every pay cycle rather than as an annual lump sum.

Find you a tenant for your property:

We’ll have a tenant ready to move in as soon as the house is built so there’s no loss of rental income (and we’ll guarantee the rent for 11 out of 12 months for a whopping 5 years.)

Full Service:

Our property manager is a highly experienced agent who professionally manages the tenancy & property maintenance of your investment during the 5 Year Rental Guarantee & beyond. We also direct our Accountant to renew your Tax Variation annually or as your circumstances change.

Ongoing Service:

As a fully Licensed Real Estate Agent we are able to sell your property when it comes time to realise your investment. We also monitor the tax effectiveness of holding the property & advise as to the best time to purchase another one in order to continually maximise & expedite your Investment Property Portfolio.


Warning: Not All House and Land Packages Are The Same.

When You Compare Prices, Make Sure You Compare “Apples With Apples”.

Here’s what we offer (and that’s just for starters):

Fixed Price – No Shocks, No Surprises

Our fixed price contract gives you certainty. No-one likes to be kept guessing when their house will be ready. We guarantee your house will be ready on time, according to your building contract, or we will pay you penalty fees. Our fixed price contract includes absolutely everything required to hand over a complete, ready to lease house.

‘One Stop Shop’ – All The Work Is Done For You

Our team manage the entire property investment process – including land selection, conveyancing, finance and construction so it truly is a passive investment that won’t give you any headaches.

Reliable Builders – Quality Built To Last

Our reliable builders have been with us for over a decade and they never cut corners. You can rely on getting a quality, architect-designed home that stands the test of time. What’s more, our builders will build your investment property for less than any other builder- we price check them annually against other building quotes to ensure this.

5-Year Rental Guarantee: Peace Of Mind.

Should your property remain untenanted for any noninsurable reason, you can rest assured we’ll pay the rent for 11 out of 12 months for five years. You can rest easy knowing the rent will always be paid.

 Property Management

Our in-house Senior Property Manager has many years of real estate experience & maintains our next to zero vacancy rate. She has a very keen eye for quality tenants & has tight systems in place to ensure your property is kept in pristine condition & that the rent is paid on time.

30 Lenders – You Get The Best Loan Available

Want the best possible loan but don’t want to deal with lenders? As part of our superior service, our Mortgage Broker does all the leg work for you so you don’t have to do a thing.

Perfect Location – Your Property Will Always Be Rented Guaranteed!

By getting the location right everything else falls into place, including returns and capital growth. After extensive research, our research found the Melbourne south east area to be the perfect location. All the leading economists think so too with a recent newspaper declaring that land in the region was increasing by $1,000 a week.

Negative Gearing – Minimise Your Weekly Tax

Our specialist Negative Gearing Accountant will liaise with the Australian Tax Office on your behalf to legally minimise the weekly tax you pay out of your pay-packet – often resulting in little or no tax. Consequently you will receive a much higher return on your investment – and in some cases, the property will cost you NIL to own.

Maximum Depreciation – For Even More Tax Deductions!

All our homes have been specifically designed for the rental market – and for maximum depreciation. As a matter of fact, our company will get you more tax deductions than any other in Australia!

$1,000 down and no other personal cash contribution during the build.

We estimate & allow in your borrowings all the costs on the land and building, bank charges, council rates, levies and any other charges that are incurred when building a new house.

Save Up To $21,400 on Stamp Duty:

When you buy a new property, you’ll save on stamp duty and get a quality house with minimal need for upkeep. Why buy a second-hand house when you can buy new and save thousands?



With a new property there are greater tax benefits. The cost of construction can be written off for up to 25 years whereas for some existing homes built prior to 1985, this may not be the case. Also individual items within the house have a higher depreciation value because they are new. This diminishes as the items get older.


Most people who buy an investment property want it to be hassle free.  They do not want to be putting their hand in their pocket for expensive renovations or constant maintenance which reduces revenue and cash flow.


A brand new property is far more desirable for prospective tenants.  This has several benefits – fewer vacancies, higher rent, less maintenance, and more prospective tenants interested in the property once it becomes available on the market.


By buying a house and land package you are only paying stamp duty on the value of the land, not the entire property.  For example, a house and land package of $400,000 with a land component of $180,000, attracts a stamp duty amount from the State Revenue Office of approximately $5,870. With an established property of $400,000, the value of stamp duty would be approximately $19,070. This gives you a saving of around $13,200.

[Source: Vic Govt State Revenue Office]


It is important to remember that land appreciates (this is your capital growth) and houses depreciate (this provides the tax benefit). Standalone dwellings have more land component than units or flats (which have very little land component), and therefore provide more capital growth potential.


The investment properties offered consist of median priced house and land packages in the area. The most expensive house would require a higher rent to be charged which may not be affordable to the average tenant in the area.  This may subsequently result in tenant vacancies.  A median range rent can therefore attract a greater range of prospective quality tenants.


The initial target investment areas are located in Melbourne’s south east.  Properties in suburbs located closer to Melbourne’s CBD ask higher rent than south east suburbs which can greatly reduce the afford ability to prospective tenants, thus increasing the likelihood of greater vacancies. The initial target investment areas are located in growth corridors which have new and improving infrastructure, the ideal mix for investment properties. In recent years most of these areas have also been blessed with huge capital growth.


The City of Casey is Victoria’s most populous municipality. The population is estimated at 240,000, or 79,000 households.  Victorian government projec- tions indicate that Casey’s population will reach 375,000 by 2026, making it bigger than Canberra is today.  About 146 people (52 new households) move in every week. With these forecast statistics the long term outlook for an investment property in the south east is positive.


The prices of Legal & General Properties are constantly being compared and checked with the competition, to ensure the investment price repre- sents Melbourne’s best value when comparing apple with apple.


Legal & General Properties endeavour to keep build time to five months so you are not holding the costs for too long.  The sooner you have a tenant in your investment property, the sooner your investment starts working for you.


Legal & General Properties where ever possible fix price their packages and services. There are no hidden fees, no surprises and no deceptive price marketing. Many builders advertise a price which is distinctively different from their final product, adding on every inclusion as an additional expense, for example floor covering, window coverings, driveways, landscaping and site costs. Site costs alone can mount from $10,000 to $50,000, these advertised prices by builders are far from a turnkey home ready for tenant occupancy.


Legal & General Properties is a fully licensed real estate company and employs its own Property Management Professionals. As a result, homes are advertised and opened to prospective tenants before the home is finished to increase the opportunity of having tenants ready to move in upon handover.


Legal & General Properties provides rental income security, with a 5 year rental guarantee that your property will be leased. Tenants can be unpredictable; we offer the security to keep peace of mind. This guarantee is a sign of good faith that we are here to be your property advisers for the long term.


Before any property is handed over to yourselves, our Project Manager goes through the property to make sure that it meets our very strict standards. Legal & General Properties acts as the independent agent between our builders and yourselves, we remove all the dramas of building. Unlike builders, it’s in our best interest to produce the best long term results for our clients. We want our homes to have the lowest maintenance possible for our tenants and have a high return on investment for our clients in terms of rent and final sale value when you retire.


Legal & General Properties endeavours to provide as much information as possible at the beginning of the buying process, which enables our clients to make informed decisions to secure their financial future through property investment. We outline in our detailed 4 page property investment analysis the individual clients current and future financial positions, weekly and annual tax savings, guaranteed rental income and total project costs (fixed price). This will also include your total holding costs of your new investment property such as interest to the bank, council & water rates, insurances & management fess. With all this information we can also calculate your contribution/surplus income for your new investment down to the dollar.


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