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Melbourne is one of the world’s great cities but it’s fast becoming unaffordable for even the wealthiest investors.

But did you know that just 45 minutes south of Melbourne lies one of the state’s hottest real estate markets for investors?

For example, The City of Casey in Melbourne’s south east corridor was recently ranked as the “Number 2 Growth Hot Spot” in the state and vacant land prices increased by 227% in just 9 years.

Legal & General has been the leading residential property investment experts in the south east area since 1994 and have built over 957 investment properties for our clients. Our track record speaks for itself.

If you want us to help you get in on this booming growth corridor but think you can’t afford it, we have good news for you. You can and for a lot less than you think.

Let Legal & General show you how.

The City of Casey is one of the fastest growing shires in and around Melbourne

  • The past 10 years has seen a population growth of 33% – that’s 52 new households moving to the area every week
  • The Victorian Government indicate that by 2026 Casey’s population will reach 350,000 – making it bigger than Canberra is today
  • Has the first new hospital to be built in Victoria for 25 years
  • Offers 122 educational facilities ranging from public or private primary and secondary schools to adult education and tuition centres including the Chisholm Institute of TAFE and Monash University campus
  • Melbourne’s third ‘select entry’ high school (after MacRobertson’s High and Melbourne High) has just opened in Berwick

Increase In Vacant Land Prices In The South East Region


What this graph shows is that a block of land in Cardinia that cost $44,000 in 2000 now costs $144,000 in 2010 – that’s a percentage
rise of 227% in 10 years.

Even an investment in Melbourne’s wealthiest inner-city suburbs would struggle to get that return.

We predicted this boom and directed our clients to invest in these areas many years ago.

They have done very well as will all of our current & future clients for there is still plenty of growth & opportunity offered in these government designated growth corridors.

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In 2003, the City of Casey commenced plans for a dynamic new suburb in the centre of Casey, which will lead the world in sustainable living.The area in Cranbourne North will include more than 6000 houses for an expected population of 20,000 people.

The project plans for innovative solutions to typical problems of suburban growth including a large, new town centre & integrated community facility precincts, schools & shopping centres, a range of energy & water efficiency initiatives, a landscape design theme that includes indigineous plants & a comprehensive system of walking & cycling paths linking all key destinations.






A member of the “Group of Eight” universities of Australia, Monash University is one of the highest performing education institutions in Australia and within the top 100 rank universities in the world. Monash Berwick campus is the epic centre of Berwick and covering a site of 55 hectures.



Chisholm is one of Victoria’s largest trade and technical educators,  located opposite Monash University Berwick and an additional campus in Cranbourne East. Chisholm offers tertiary educational services with over 220 different certificates, diplomas, advanced diplomas, graduate courses & over 300 short courses.



One of the newest hospitals in Victoria, an extension of the Monash University Health Department. The Hospital has a 229 bed capacity and a specialist nursery department, with future expansion expected. They offer an extensive range of health services to City of Casey, with supporting micro surgeries and medical specialists throughout Berwick and surrounding suburbs.




Berwick has one of the highest private schools per capital in Victoria, with several of the most prestigious private colleges and primary schools in Melbourne. The Victorian government is investing heavily into education in the City of Casey, with itself Berwick having 5 private colleges and 1 public high school amongst several primary schools. New private and public schools are built every year as new estates are opened within the City of Casey.


The Berwick train line runs through the heart of the City of Casey, linking the south east growth corridor to Melbourne CBD and Melbourne inner suburbs.The rail line has seen significant service upgrades as the City of Casey and Cardina Shire expands, offering regular services along the line.The network of roadways have expanded the City of Casey, with the expansion of the Monash Freeway, the Princes Freeway and the Western Port Highway. Roadways and infrastructure upgrades that have significantly reduced congestion and preparations for the industrial expansion of Casey and Cardina Shire.


The City of Casey has focused heavily on lifestyle, with over 1000 parks and reserves, over 270 play-grounds, over 110 sports grounds and 200 sporting clubs. Casey Fields Sporting complex is the premier outdoor sports and recreation site in Melbourne’s south east and one of Australia’s largest outdoor facilities. Casey Indoor Leisure Center is one of Melbourne’s largest indoor super centers, supports several sporting associations in addition includes the largest indoor skate park in the southern hemisphere.





A 595 hectare mixed-use industrial and business park located at the heart of Cardinia Shire’s 2,500 hectare employment corridor. The precinct will be a multifunctional regional employment node that delivers a range of jobs to Cardinia–Casey, interconnected with regional transport routes and rapidly growing communities. The employment precinct is expected to generate 18,500 jobs and will provide a major catalyst for attracting investment in the employment corridor.



The Pakenham train line is the backbone of the Cardina Shire public transport system, with 2 train stations in Pakenham and redevelopments of the train line throughout the shire. The line links the south east growth corridor to Melbourne CBD and Melbourne inner suburbs. Pakenham has its own bypass that keeps traffic flowing through the Cardina Shire, an extension of the M1 freeway. Significant infrastructure has been implemented for the future growth of Cardina Shire.



Pakenham has several brand new private colleges and many to be opening shortly to support the significant growth in families moving to Pakenham. Prestigious private education, many with supporting campuses in the City of Casey and South East Melbourne.



Several new state of the art medical super centers are opening in Cardina Shire to support the growth of the population. Pakenham has one of the highest population growths of medical physicians per capita in Victoria, with medical infrastructure pre-empting the population boom.




Victorias new racecourse situated in Tynong, a brand new $62 million facility is replacing the old Pakenham racecourse is expected to bring new commerce to the shire, with corporate events and supporting industry throughout the Cardina Shire.





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