Warning:  Not All House and Land Packages Are The Same.

When You Compare Prices, Make Sure You Compare “Apples With Apples”. Here’s What We Offer (And That’s Just For Starters):

1. 30 Lenders – You Get The Best Loan Available

Want to reduce the life of your investment loan by years – and save many thousands of dollars along the way?

As a client of Legal & General, our Mortgage Broker will do all the leg work for you.  With access to 30 lenders you’ll get the best possible competitive loan that suits your needs.  As well, Legal & General does all your paperwork including the conveyancing.  Just think – you won’t have to deal with all that financial red tape!

2. ‘One Stop Shop’ – All The Work Is Done For You

Legal & General manage the entire property investment process – including land selection, conveyancing, finance and construction.  All your paperwork is organised by us so you don’t have to spend time chasing anything up.

What’s more, all our processes are up to date and in line with Government rules so that you get the best return for your investment.  In fact, throughout the life of our agreement Legal & General will keep you informed every step of the way.  You just need to get on with your life and let us do all the hard work!

Legal & General and our associates offer you the following services:

  1. Home designs specific to allotment size
  2. Land sourcing for pre-determined packaging
  3. Listing information
    1. Plan of subdivision
    2. House plan
    3. Siting plan
    4. House elevations
    5. “As displayed” inclusions
    6. Builders’ guarantee
    7. Digital photography
    8. Authority to Act
    9. Arrange conveyancing
    10. Mortgage brokering
    11. Property valuations
    12. Tax variations by our special internal accountant and depreciation schedules
    13. Rental guarantees (11 months per year for 5 years)
    14. Letting Agency arrangements
    15. Maintenance
3. Maximum Depreciation – For Even More Tax Deductions!

Higher depreciation allowances than any other builder. All homes built by Legal & General have been specifically designed for the rental market – and for maximum depreciation. As a matter of fact, our company will get you more tax deductions than any other in Australia!

Depreciation is used to spread the cost of an asset over the span of several years. Unlike other investors, our depreciation schedules are not an approximation but are actual, heavy, claimable deductions.

Moreover, Legal & General won’t stop claiming your depreciation after 5 years. Our specialist Negative Gearing Accountant will claim for the first 7 years, and then from year 8 use a diminishing measure-down to year 25. Now you won’t get that from other property investment consultants!

4. Genuine Wealth Creation – Your Retirement Security

Use your super funds to invest in property. The Legal & General system of genuine wealth creation certainly gives you the surety and peace of mind that standard Superannuation funds cannot. New government legislation now allows individuals to borrow against their Super funds to ‘negatively gear’ into safer bricks and mortar security. Our Property Investment Consultants are more than happy to talk to you about using your superannuation funds as equity in an investment property. This will allow you to ‘manage’ your own money by taking control of your super.

To take advantage of this, your current super fund must be worth approximately $250,000.

5. Negative Gearing – Minimise Your Weekly Tax

Booming rental demand. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, middle and higher income households make up 45% of renters.  This has resulted in a high demand for quality rental properties.  To encourage investors and to fill this demand the Government subsidises you, the private investor.   This means that by purchasing an ‘off the plan’ investment property through Legal & General you will have access to tax benefits.

Our specialist Negative Gearing Accountant will liaise with the Australian Tax Office to legally minimise the weekly tax you pay out of your pay-packet – often resulting in little or no tax.  Consequently you will receive a much higher return on your investment – and in some cases, will cost you NIL to own.

6. Perfect Location – Your Property Will Always Be Rented – Guaranteed!

By getting the location right everything else falls into place including returns and capital growth. After extensive research, Legal & General found the the City of Casey for property investment to be the perfect location for investment properties.  In fact, the area has the essential three ingredients:

  1. Capital growth
  2. Demand for rental
  3. The higher weekly tax deductions

City of Casey – one of the fasted growing shires in and around Melbourne.  The past 10 years has seen a population growth of 33% – that’s 52 new households moving to the area every week!  As a result, Victorian Government projections indicate that by 2026 Casey’s population will reach 350,000 – making it bigger than Canberra is today!

Consequently the City of Casey is investing in infrastructure that will take it well into the 21st Century.  This includes the first new hospital to be built in Victoria for 25 years.  There are also 122 educational facilities ranging from public or private primary and secondary schools to adult education and tuition centres.  As well there is The Chisholm Institute of TAFE plus a Monash University campus.  This choice of schools makes the Berwick area ideal for families.

PS:  Melbourne’s 3rd ‘select entry’ high school (after MacRobertson’s High and Melbourne High) has just opened in Berwick – demonstrating yet again why this booming suburb is becoming the centre of the south-eastern growth corridor.

7. Property Management – You Never Have To Find A Tenant

We guarantee your property will be rented 11 months out of 12.

Our network of local real estate agents competes to rent your property.  Prior to completion of your house a tenant is already waiting to move in.  Of course this means that you’ll get an immediate return on your investment.  As part of the first five years of our agreement, be assured that if a tenant is not available, Legal & General guarantees that they will cover your rent for 11 out of 12 months every year for five years. 

Legal & General closely manages the rental process so you won’t have to worry about dealing with estate agents.  And if the agent isn’t doing the right thing by you, our property manager has the authority to go into the agency and remove the property from the real estate’s care.  Our manager then gives it to another agent who will do the right thing by you.  All you have to do is sit back and relax while Legal & General takes the worry out of renting the property – saving you time, money and hassles!

8. The Best Deal – Save Up To $50,000

Our easy to understand investment model is designed to save you money right from the start. Firstly, you will receive a $3000 discounted block of land that has been preselected for maximising capital growth.  Next, our builders will build your investment property for $25,000 less than any other builder.  Then you’ll save up to $21,400 on stamp duty because your house is brand new – and gain maximum taxation deductions!

Finally, you have our guarantee that if you can find a registered builder who will give you a written quote for the same size house and land package (and all the inclusions that are standard on our homes) at a cheaper price, Legal & General will MATCH that price – and pay you $5000 as soon as construction starts on your Legal & General investment property.  Let’s face it, with Legal & General you have nothing to lose!

9. Architect Designs – $42,000 Worth Of Extras, Free!

All our investor houses are built to order.  These fantastically performing, quality 3 or 4 bedroom family homes are exclusive to Legal & General.  When you decide to invest you will be given a choice of houses off our plans, with all the inclusions.  Incidentally, this $42,000 worth of extras is included at no cost to you!  You will also have a choice of four colour and façade ranges.

Our inclusions are exceptional and exhaustive.  Here’s just a sample of what you get INCLUDED in your fixed price (compare this to other house and land offers and you’ll discover that we offer Melbourne’s best prices – guaranteed!)

10. Reliable Builders – Quality Built To Last

Our reliable builders have been with us exclusively for over a decade and they never cut corners or take short cuts to save money – your quality investment home is built to last. Not only this, our builders always meet our construction deadlines and high standards. Naturally this means that your investment will start making you money exactly when planned from day one.

Although other builders say they will have your house completed in nine months, many outside influences – like rain and holidays – will have them telling you that it’s going to take longer. These delays will mean that right at the time you thought you’d be getting money from your investment you find yourself paying out money instead. This can make the whole process fraught with anxiety and risk.

Legal & General guarantee delivery of your investment property in nine months. Why nine months? It will take two months to transfer the land to your investment portfolio into your names and then a further seven months to complete building your house.

11. Fixed Price – No Shocks, No Surprises

Our fixed price contract has all the inclusions that come with your investment property. Unlike other building companies that add ‘extras’ – some even charge extra for the roof! – you’ll know up front exactly how much your house costs.

Indeed, you’ll be provided with a complete set of estimated project costs so that you can see exactly how much your investment property will cost – from beginning to end.

Add to this the fact that Legal & General will pay all costs on the land and building, council rates and any other levies that are incurred when building the house.

In other words, once you’ve paid your $1000 deposit you won’t have to pay another cent until the house is built in nine months time. This means that you will never receive a phone call from us saying that you need to pay more. Now that’s peace of mind!

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