Client: Michelle Buckanen
Occupation: Administrative Assistant
Age: 35
Properties Bought From
Legal and General
: 2

“We hadn’t bought an investment property because we didn’t think we had enough money to do that. We were worried about it changing our lifestyle – we do a lot of camping and four wheel driving – and we didn’t want that to stop.
But they could explain to us that we could still do it and not change any of our lifestyle. It was only a small input for us to put in money-wise so it was really good.

At first we didn’t know much about property investment, but every question that we had about negative gearing and positive gearing, they could answer until we understood what was going on.

We had heard about Legal & General from an accountant that we were using and went straight to them. The property that we bought in 2008 has been rented continuously since it was finished. Michelle, our property manager, takes care of everything and it’s been fantastic.

I certainly would recommend Legal & General to others and in fact I have. My brother and his wife have just bought a property and also some friends of ours. If someone was considering investing with Legal & General, I would say go for it. We were unsure at first and now we’re on our way to a secure future.”


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