Client: Ian Hughes
Occupation: Paramedic
Age: 56
Properties Bought From
Legal and General
: 3

“I’ve been with them for approximately 7 years or so – a long time. The research the staff do here at Legal & General backs up what they said to me at the start and I’ve made good gain, so I’m really, really happy.
Subsequently I’ve got numerous properties with them now. I’ve never been happier and even as we speak now, I’m in negotiations for a further property as well, so I’m more than happy with them.

They did absolutely everything for me from conveyancing to gardening. I didn’t have to worry about absolutely anything. It was a walk in, walk out type of situation which made it really easy for me, and with the right price as well.

Legal & General guarantee my rental on the property, even when it’s empty so I know exactly what I’m up for each month.

I already have sent other people to them who have bought and I’ve got another fellow of mine, a work colleague that’s going through the process right now.

What I felt was different from the other houses I’d seen on the market, (and I’d looked at quite a number of houses before coming to Legal & General), was the open space living, the design and everything was incorporated in the house when you buy them. It may seem menial, but there are letterboxes, sheds, paths, fencing and the gardens all done for you. I found that a great plus to me. Other people don’t include these other things.

I reckon just go for it. It’s the best thing you can do. Don’t do what I did and leave it too late because you just get left behind.”


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