WARNING:  Not All House and Land Packages Are The Same.

DON’T SIGN ANYTHING – Until You’ve Asked Your House and Land Provider These Very Important Questions

These 20 questions could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Please take the time to read them.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of how home buyers have been led astray by less-than-ethical builders, developers and promoters.

Unfortunately, it can happen to even the smartest investors, simply because they didn’t do their due diligence before signing the contract.

We understand that just the thought of investing in residential property can be daunting.  So, to help with your decision, we’ve provided you with a comprehensive list of questions to take with you when you go ‘shopping’ for an investment property.

These are the types of questions you need to ask any property investment company – including us – before signing any contracts.  These will help you make the right choices when it comes to investing for your family’s future.

We encourage you to ask your consultants these exact questions so that when you DO make a decision, you are forewarned about what the exact nature of your investment is.  In other words – what you get, and what you don’t.

If you don’t ask these questions BEFORE YOU BEGIN, you could find yourself up for thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in unforeseen and unbudgeted costs.  Don’t do anything before reading this! Your family’s future is at stake and really, is there anything more important than that?

20 Questions To Ask Your Builder or Developer could save you a fortune, not to mention a great deal of stress and heartache.  Get the facts, honestly and clearly, before you begin.


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